Eureka DevSecOps Platform for Secure Applications

Forward Security Inc.

Eureka DevSecOps Platform for Secure Applications

Forward Security Inc.

An end-to-end DevSecOps platform for orchestrating security scanners

Development teams rely on various tools like SAST, SCA, and DAST to scan their applications for security vulnerabilities. These tools generate individual reports, often containing many false positives. Manual activities such as pentesting are also conducted to identify security issues. These pose challenges such as managing multiple tools, aggregating, and correlating results, and identifying actual threats to the application. As a result, there is a missed opportunity to detect false positives, maximize the security investment, and minimize risks. To address these, we centralize orchestration of scanners, correlate the results, and enable threat modeling and risk assessment for effective remediation.

Whether you’re building a new application from the ground up or driving the growth of an existing product, embedding security into your DevOps process is an essential way to save your team time and cost, while setting your organization up for long term success. With Eureka, you can:

  • Bring Your Own Scanner (BYOS) (commercial or open source)*
  • Centrally configure and orchestrate your scanners
  • Easily integrate your scanners with CI/CD pipelines*
  • Run the scanning agents inside your own environment
  • Keep the scan data in your own environment for maximum privacy
  • Correlate security issues to reduce false positives
  • Filter and push issues to your issue tracking system*
  • Join security issues to create threat scenarios and assign risk
  • Get better view of risks based on data from manual and automated processes

Documents for setup:

Install manual

User manual

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About Forward Security

Forward Security's highly accomplished and certified security team delivers application and cloud security solutions, focusing on mid-sized organizations in Fintech / FinServe, eCommerce, and Healthtech. As the world rapidly adopts software, the need for more effective ways to address security arise accordingly. Our team has experience with some of world’s largest organizations such as HSBC, Intel, HP, and Motorola all the way to mediumsized enterprises and even local start-ups. We understand the issues that each size and scale of company may face, and work closely with your team to ensure a successful solution is in place. Straight talk, technical leadership, and excellence are in our DNA.

Our Eureka DevSecOps offerings provide the product and services that help teams build and operate software securely in the cloud.

• The Eureka DevSecOps Platform makes managing application and cloud security tools, processes, and issues simple and more effective.

• The Eureka DevSecOps Service helps organizations achieve DevSecOps transformation goals.

Forward Security provides what is required for companies to reduce risk, gain market share, and increase profitability and privacy.