SaaS Based Legacy Tape Restore and Management

Global Data Analytics Pty Ltd T/A Tape Ark

SaaS Based Legacy Tape Restore and Management

Global Data Analytics Pty Ltd T/A Tape Ark

Mass ingest and virtualisation of physical media archives to the Azure Cloud

Are you maintaining legacy tape infrastructure and feel like there’s no way out?
Do you want to modernize your data archives but feel overwhelmed by large or complex collections?
Look no further than Tape Ark’s SaaS Based Legacy Tape Restore and Management solution.

Tape Ark will virtualize your entire physical tape collection, and preserve your legacy backups to a secure, highly redundant, low-cost Virtual Tape Library (VTL) based in Azure. The end result is a tape, hardware and software free tape collection available in the cloud at the click of a button. The backup software, tape drives, and tapes themselves exist as virtual copies, removing expensive and no longer necessary hardware and software from customers' infrastructure. Even the original appearance of the media is documented and preserved, such that exact replicas of the physical tape collection could be reproduced in the future if desired.

Customers can access the Tape Ark client portal to browse their archive, request restores and delete data that is no longer required. The SaaS platform is available on multi-year tailored plans and is the perfect solution for companies with long-term data retention requirements, looking to remove the overheads associated with managing a physical tape library, data center space, offsite tape storage and all of the licensing and maintenance associated with a physical implementation of the restore platform.

It's the simplest replacement for physical tape archiving and long-term preservation!


  • Easy to use - The tape ark portal is easy to use and requires no specialized training, offering lower latency, and enhanced performance over traditional offsite tape backup facilities

  • Convenient - The service is non-disruptive to current work loads

  • Cost-saving - Eliminate the cost of expensive and no longer necessary hardware and software from your infrastructure

  • Efficiency - Significantly reduces the time & effort in manual handling of tapes & restore events. What might have taken a few weeks to recover from offsite storage can now be retrieved in a matter of hours

  • Reduced Exposure - Ensure the integrity of sensitive data by removing the risk of tape deterioration and faulty hardware

  • Boost Income - Raise potential revenue opportunities by gaining insights from your readily accessible legacy data

  • Environmental - Reduce CO2 emissions due to Data Centre usage and courier vans. Transfer DC usage to renewable energy-consuming DC’s from Azure

  • Air Gap - Air gap and immutability are available in the cloud as well and are not exclusive to off-premises tape storage


  • Tape Audit - Not sure exactly what tapes you have in your collection, what they contain, or where to begin? No problem! Tape Ark will conduct a thorough Tape Audit including QR coding, photography, RFID chip reading, and analysis prior to ingest

  • Tape Management - We offer ongoing physical tape storage, management, and secure destruction & disposal should you need it

  • No Upfront Fees - Ideal for organizations looking to avoid large capital outlays, we offer tailored plans suitable to your business needs

  • Secure & Reliable - Tape Ark leverages extensive security protocols including encryption at rest, air gap, immutability, and encryption during transfer while migrating your data to the cloud

  • Hassle-free - Tape Ark connects your existing backup tape application to the virtual tapes, which means no internal training or process change is required

  • Onsite Services - Tape Ark services are available globally, with mass ingest facilities located in Australia, India, United Kingdom, USA and Canada. Tape Ark also offers mobilization to customer sites for in house data ingest (subject to connectivity requirements)

  • Tape Retrieval - We understand the value of your data archives so you will never be without access. Plans for mid-project tape restores or retrievals are put in place should you need access to your data ahead of project completion