Hanu Insight

Hanu Software
Track, Optimize, Budget, Chargeback & Invoice your Microsoft Azure Spend

Hanu Insight

Hanu Software

Track, Optimize, Budget, Chargeback & Invoice your Microsoft Azure Spend

Hanu Insight is a Continuous Financial Governance product that provides End-to-end visibility of your Azure spend and optimizes your consumption to maximize your Azure investments. We guarantee a 20% cost savings right away!


Pricing details are given below for each of the available SKUs. Please note that the price presented while choosing the VM size includes the cost of Hanu Insight for the Enterprise SKU.

  • Enterprise : $2.9USD/hour + Infrastructure Cost
  • Enterprise Bring Your Own License : Infrastructure Cost Only
  • Standard : Infrastructure Cost Only


  • Track & Control spend using PowerBI based dashboards
    • What resource costing me the most money?
    • What is it? Is it a Virtual Machine, Or is it a Visual Studio subscription?
    • Where is it running? Who owns Account, Subscription, Resource Group?
    • How long has it been costing me? Heck, that POC was completed 6 months ago!
    • Am I using resources optimally? Do I need it running even over the weekends? Does it need 8 GB of RAM?
      • Wastage is defined in terms of environments being right sized or switched on/off over the weekend or CPU percentage
    • Give me the cost by cost centers
    • How much is Azure Marketplace is costing me?
      • Damn, I need to cut a check for any Marketplace costs as they are NOT part of my Azure Commit!
    • My environment is fully tagged. How resources having a particular tag or set of tags costing me?
  • First class notions of Projects, Customers, Apps, Environments, or Individuals
    • Group resources by any of the above
    • How much is a project costing me? Or a team? Or a customer or an individual?
    • What are my top Projects, Apps etc.?
  • I want to associate any data to any of my resources without my Azure environment being updated
    • "Support Type" for my resources could be "Managed", "Self-managed", or "Unmanaged"
    • What’s the breakup of cost for each of these support types?
  • Active Directory integration
    • Provide users access only to the azure resources they have access, by default
  • Optimize spend on my environment
    • Stop/Start VMs & other compute instances on a schedule
    • Right sizing recommendations: Scale up/down
  • Support for GovCloud