Helpy Pro

Helpy Pro

Safeguard your customer support data without compromising on providing heroic customer support

Safeguard your customer support data without compromising on providing a heroic customer support experience. Helpy Pro is the customer support platform engineered for companies that are serious about security, privacy and compliance. Designed for on-premise and private instance deployments, Helpy Pro lets you avoid vendor lock-in, own your data and integrate with the tools you already use to keep your data safe.

Customer Support Features

  • Stay organized with ticketing that includes custom views, queues and SLAs
  • Gain operational efficiencies with auto-assignment, real time notifications, and automations
  • Provide a customizable customer help center and knowledge base that can be open or password protected
  • Collaborate with team groups, tagging, @mentions and followers
  • Advanced reporting to help you optimize your content and operations
  • A full API for building deep integrations into your existing application stack
  • Support for 20+ languages

Security, Privacy and Compliance

  • Compliance features to manage customer right to deletion requests for GDPR, CCPA, WPA, etc.
  • An open source codebase that you can review and contribute to
  • Host on any public or private cloud, even on premise in your own datacenter
  • Keep control of and maintain ownership of your data at all times
  • Avoid compliance chain hell with no third party dependencies
  • Rest assured no one is “looking over your shoulder”
  • Set and follow internal data retention policies, including backups