Migration to Azure Server/VM

Hexaware Technologies

Migration to Azure Server/VM

Hexaware Technologies

Migrate your On premise Servers with AMAZE

Amaze is proving an introductory offer to our Migrate offering for a limited time only*

Migrating On premise Servers/VM's to Azure can provide a digital edge in today’s competitive market and provide benefits such as pay as you go, improved availability, better scalability, improved security, disaster recovery and others.

Get Started with our 100% free assessment to see timelines and costs of migration as well as monthly expenses.

If you are happy with the recommended approach, migration is just one additional click. Our automated, self-service platform, AMAZE allows customers to migrate in a with minimal manual interference & enables the processes to be completed 70-80% faster than other methods.

After successful completion of the free assessment where the workloads are discovered and dependencies are determined, you are given an option to choose the landing zone configuration (and related costs) that is most suitable for your organizations’ workloads before the actual migration AT NO COST with a 3 year support agreement*.

Process steps :

The process is broken into 5 major steps:

* Establish a connection between on prem VM infrastructure and AMAZE

* Run the free assessment to assess existing server/VM landscape and discover workloads with dependencies and determine wave groups

* Choose a suitable landing zone option and cost, based on workload requirements for migration including support and management options if desired.

* Migration of servers/VM's to Azure

* Validation of the server/VM workloads post migration

Deliverables :

* Free assessment report of on-prem servers/VM's showing their readiness for migration & cost

* List of servers/VM's for migration listed in wave groups

* Free migration of unlimited workloads to Microsoft Azure cloud with a 3 year support agreement*

*Requires a 3 year support agreement at standard rates. Rates for support agreement calculated on size and number of workloads to be migrated and will be shown once the workloads to be migrated are selected but prior to any migration.