Infer, ML Reimagined for Analytics


Infer, ML Reimagined for Analytics


Machine Learning for Analytics Teams


Infer is a state-of-the-art analytics platform, built on our innovative SQL-inf—a machine-learning enhanced extension to SQL. Infer is the analytics solution for professionals and decision-makers, enabling user-friendly and highly accurate analytics. Infer drives transformative value and RoI, allowing the manipulation of business processes through insights derived from applications like sentiment analysis, topic analysis, AB testing, causal inference, customer segmentation, and retention analysis.

Key Features

1. ML Reimagined for Analytics (SQL-inf):
Infer pioneers in utilizing SQL-inf, revolutionizing analytics tasks by extending SQL with advanced commands like PREDICT and CLUSTER, ensuring precision and simplicity in delving into advanced analytics.

2. Coworker AI & Automated Visualization:
Experience automatic visualizations and insights with Infer’s Coworker AI, empowering you to make quick, informed decisions while optimizing your time.

3. Data Storytelling:
Infer transforms data into coherent, relatable stories, making insights actionable and understandable.

4. Operationalize & Schedule Analytics:
Embed analytics seamlessly into daily operations with Infer, automate tasks, maintain schedules, and guarantee the relevance and timeliness of insights.

5. Connect Your Data:
Synchronize data from diverse sources effortlessly. Infer ensures a centralized, up-to-date, and ready-to-analyze data environment.


- Strategic Value & Enhanced RoI: Refine business processes with insights from ML-driven analytics applications like sentiment analysis and causal inference, optimizing value creation and RoI.
- Uncompromised Precision & User-friendly Interface: Access advanced analytics with ease and assurance of accuracy.
- Efficient Time Management: Implement insights more with less time on visualization, thanks to automation.
- Clear and Actionable Insights: Understand your data through coherent and actionable narratives.
- Optimized Operations: Streamline your analytics with automated and integrated solutions.
- Comprehensive Data View: Get a unified, current perspective from various data sources.

Use Cases

- Customer Segmentation & Retention Analysis: Identify, analyze, and retain different customer segments effectively with tailored strategies.
- AB Testing: Use Infer for meticulous testing and optimize your offerings based on reliable insights.
- Causal Inference: Understand the cause-and-effect relationships within your data to inform your strategic decisions.
- Sentiment Analysis: Harness the power of SQL-inf to gauge public opinion and refine your strategies.
- Topic Analysis: Delve deep into subjects and uncover patterns and trends with Infer’s advanced analytical capabilities.
- And much more!

Who It’s For

Infer is designed meticulously for analytics professionals, data scientists, business analysts, and decision-makers who aim for a tool that’s precision-focused, user-friendly, and effective in analytics.

Addressing Customer Needs

Infer meets the needs for an intuitive, accurate analytics solution, allowing the operationalization of ML models for myriad applications and facilitating substantial growth and enhanced RoI by reshaping business processes through insights.


Infer, blending SQL-inf and machine learning, is the advanced analytics solution paving the way for impactful growth and value creation. It renders the analytics journey straightforward, insightful, and operational, allowing analytics teams to effectively implement ML models for a multitude of applications. Choose Infer for a journey through transformative, insight-driven analytics.