Automated Orchestration for Azure IoT at Scale

Infiot Inc.

Automated Orchestration for Azure IoT at Scale

Infiot Inc.

Automated Azure IoT Deployment with AI Analytics, Zero Trust Connectivity

Infiot offers a workflow for brown field and green field IoT devices, that streamlines the last mile complexity by deploying Azure IoT Edge runtime in Infiot Extensible Edges on demand with one-click and enables automatic IoT Hub connectivity via Azure APIs to Azure IoT Cloud with Zero Trust Security.  

  • IT/OT Convergence Simplified:

    • On-Demand Azure IoT Edge Runtime Deployment - Full life-cycle container management for Azure IoT Edge runtime and service modules, with policy-based workflow to enable a large number of runtimes at the same time.
    • Automated Azure IoT Hub connection - With API integration, Azure IoT Edges connect to the Azure IoT Hubs and IoT devices are auto-provisioned in the IoT hub via Device Provisioning Service.
    • Zero Touch Provisioning - As IoT Gateway that hosts Azure IoT Edge containers, Infiot Thin Wireless Edges can be activated via Zero Touch workflow to reduce truck rolls and deployment time.
  • Secure and Scalable:

    • Zero Trust Security - Comprehensive security functionalities further safeguards your IoT traffic from sensor devices all the way to Azure IoT cloud. 

    • Infiot Private Access from Anywhere - Infiot Private Access enables secure remote login to IoT devices, eliminating truck rolls and on-site visits, enabling secure and segmented access for site-in-site use cases.

    • Compliance - Annually audited by 3rd party, Infiot hosted environment is PCI DSS 3.2.1 and HIPAA certified, ensuring data is always protected.

  • All-in-one Connectivity:

    • Rugged, Thin, Flexible Transport - Connect Azure IoT Edge runtime to the Azure IoT cloud over wired or wireless (LTE or 5G) WAN with ruggedized Infiot Edge. Full link/flow visibility and analytics simplify monitoring and troubleshooting.

    • Infiot Store and Forward - Infiot Edge provides resilience with built-in store and forward function. It locally stores telemetry during link blackout conditions and delivers to IoT hub when the connection is restored. Extend edge compute power with analytics apps of your choice.