Klaviyo Power BI Connector

Innovoco Inc

Klaviyo Power BI Connector

Innovoco Inc

Get access to a wider range of fields and data from Klaviyo and integrate it into Power BI

Do you need to integrate Ecommerce data from different platforms?
Are there metrics and KPIs you need and don’t see in the Klaviyo Portal?
How can you access hidden data from Klaviyo, integrate it into your BI ecosystem, and visualize it with Power BI?

As a Klaviyo customer, you already have access to some prebuilt dashboards and KPI within the Klaviyo platform. They are useful to analyze ONLY Klaviyo data, actually, SUBSETS of it.

Klaviyo stores and collects more data UNDERNEATH than what you can access through their portal.

•    What about specific metrics?

•    What about integrating your data with data from additional e-commerce platforms, multichannel distribution, paid advertising, marketing automation channels, and web analytics tools?

For the information to be useful, everything must be accessible and integrated. Here is where our Connector comes into play.

Seamlessly access and consolidate data from Klaviyo with data from additional e-commerce platforms, paid advertising and marketing automation channels, and web analytics tools to quickly understand your shop’s sales and your customer buying behaviour. 

Bridge the gap between the data you need, and the dashboards you use without worrying about the implementation.

  • Prebuilt dashboards and KPI are not enough. Their data is limited, so is what you can do with it
  • Access all your data fields and uncover hidden KPIs
  • Consolidate and integrate the Klaviyo Data you really want with other data sources
  • Create custom dashboards with Power BI 

Choose the data sets and fields you want. Get access to a wider range of fields, tables, and data from Klaviyo and integrate it into your data warehouse or Power BI directly.