SuccessFactors Azure Common Content Store Module for AL_ACS


SuccessFactors Azure Common Content Store Module for AL_ACS


Use SharePoint On-Line as a common document repository for SAP ERP HR and SuccessFactors content.

About the AL_ACS Azure Common Content Store of SAP HR and SuccessFactors HCM

Delivered Functionality

1. Move or copy employee documents held in SuccessFactors

2. Tag them with prescribed meta data

3. Link them to the SAP ERP’s HR Record

4. store to common SAP ERP/SF Document repository (s) in SharePoint-Online/Azure

5. Provide unified, controlled access for SAP ERP HR, SuccessFactors HXM and SharePoint users to all documents/attachments for a given employee record

6. From a single screen, see all documents in an employee’s documents folder

Supported Business Drivers

1. Maintain a single copy of employee documents in Azure, versus multiple copies in SAP ERP, SF and an external ECMs

2. Content-enable new employee on-boarding to support Payroll, EHS, CATS etc., in the core ERP

3. Reduce Costs for expensive S4/HANA and Success Factors Document Storage

4. Improve HR member productivity when working with employee file records

5. Enable process automations around employee document processing

How it works:

The SF_CCS module of AL_ACS is a native cloud app. The serverless solution supports SAP ECC and S4/HANA HR modules, with a secured cloud integration and use of Azure’s SharePoint-Online as a Content Repository and also HR Web App Dashboard for employee file documents.

On an event or scheduled basis, the SF_CCS app requests and receives pre-defined sets of documents from the SuccessFactors Document Center via the SF Rest API.

SF_CSS requests employee document attachments from SuccessFactors document center based on a specified set of rules and filters, such as individuals employee status and the desired set of document categories and meta data; such as may be needed to support employee onboarding.

SF_CCS then reads the SF record properties to create a match between the SF employee ID and the SAP HR entries table (via standard PREL object).

SF_CCS then links the documents received from SuccessFactors stores them to the Azure ArchiveLink based SharePoint Repository, with pre-defined HR meta data properties (from both SAP HCM & SF) tagged to the documents.

Any unmatched record sets are forwarded to named HR department members for reconciliation, and subsequent individual uploading to the Common store, via the standard SAP GOS or the IDX Doclink Web UI for Employee Records.

Once the common store creation and uploads are complete and validated, the standard SF options for deleting SF employee documents are configured to execute based on the desired rules and retention settings. That deletion action is executed by the SF system itself.

An Admin Portal and ARM templates support the configuration and administration of AL_ACS with SF_CCS. Also available is a separate UI & content services so Admins, users, applications and scan/capture actions outside the SAP ERP or SuccessFactors can also upload new documents to a personnel file.

Intelligent Employee File Management

An Advanced Document Search and Employee File Center Web App from IntelliDocX allows SuccessFactors Users, SAP HCM users and permitted SharePoint On-line users to work with/view the complete sets of Employee Document records in a foldered hierarchical view, they can also attach additional documents to the personnel record, or link to streams of paper scan/capture docs to be uploaded.

The IntelliDocX HR File app implements full access control with SAP HR InfoType based access control and permissions management for web client access to employee documents.

Leverage the Azure Power Platform. MS Power automate workflows can be added to support any external process flows around the employee document center activities, which have enabled outside the SAP HCM and/or Success Factors Apps themselves.


Not only can enterprises use Microsoft Azure as a general purpose ECM and content processing platform for their SAP ERP, but they can gain process automation and optimization benefits when using the AL_ACS module: SF_CCS to establish a common document store supporting both their SAP ERP HR and SuccessFactors HXM systems. Simply and intelligently the solution set’s native cloud profile makes for simplified administration, significantly lower TCO and readiness for envisioned digital transformation initiatives leveraging the SAP cloud with Microsoft Azure.