InterSystems IRIS for Health Community Edition

InterSystems Corporation

(46 ratings)

InterSystems IRIS for Health Community Edition

InterSystems Corporation

(46 ratings)

Complete, Cloud-based Data Platform for Healthcare

InterSystems IRIS for Health™ provides the capabilities for building complex, mission-critical, data-intensive applications. It is a comprehensive platform spanning data management, interoperability, transaction processing and analytics.

Healthcare Interoperability

Extensive development tooling for healthcare standards and pre-built extensible data transformations between modern and legacy formats like:

  • FHIR (DSTU2, STU3, R4)
  • HL7 V2 and HL7 V3
  • IHE Profiles, including XDS.b, XCA, PIX, PDQ, and MHD
  • CDA/C-CDA Documents
  • X12

Native FHIR support

The foundation for FHIR applications. The FHIR repository offers full read/write capabilities, receiving or sending FHIR resources via the FHIR RESTful API in JSON or XML formats.

Analytics Capabilities

Embedded, state-of-the-art analytics capabilities for distributed SQL, business intelligence, and NLP in data-intensive, real-time applications. Incorporates a wide range of third-party tools.

Unified Development Environment

A unified graphical and code-based environment simplifies and accelerates the development and maintenance of real-time, data-rich solutions. Track the behavior of messages to and from your application, simplifying debugging and diagnosis, lowering development costs, and accelerating time to market.

Freedom of Choice

Multi-model architecture that allows you to use the data model that best fits each task in your application through the development language of your choice.

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