iVano 365 Digital Dictation Workflow Management

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iVano 365 Digital Dictation Workflow Management

iVano Solutions Ltd.

Digital dictation delivered securely to your secretary or pool for transcription.

iVano 365 is a comprehensive digital dictation and transcription software that streamlines your dictation and document workflow. With its intuitive Dictation Workflow Management System (DWMS), you can easily dictate and upload audio files from your smartphone or digital recorder to the Azure cloud-based platform, where they are securely delivered to your typing pool or assistant for transcription.

Whether you're a doctor, lawyer, or business professional, the iVano Dictate app allows you to dictate on-the-go and upload your audio files to iVano 365 directly from your Apple or Android device. The iVano Uploader feature automatically syncs your digital recorder with your PC, eliminating the need for cassette-based dictation systems.

By using iVano 365, you can enjoy the benefits of remote and hybrid working, as well as increased productivity and efficiency. The software is accessible from anywhere with internet access, and it comes with no set-up fees and there is no interruption during installation. Easy to use self-setup, free trial, support, and upgrades, iVano 365 is available on Microsoft's AppSource and Azure Marketplace, ensuring that it's always up-to-date and compatible with your existing software ecosystem.

With iVano 365, you can manage your dictation workflow from a central dashboard, allowing you to track active and inactive jobs, manage users, and identify bottlenecks quickly, saving you time and money, making it the ideal choice for busy professionals.

Overall, iVano 365 is a comprehensive dictation and transcription software solution that provides a secure, flexible, and efficient way to manage your dictation workflow and document management needs.

Key Benefits

· Enables remote/hybrid working

· No interruption with installation

· No set up fees

· Easy self-set-up

· Access anywhere with internet access

· Free Trial / support / upgrades

· Available on Microsoft’s AppSource and Azure Marketplace

Case Study 1 (Legal)

We chose Transcribe UK’s iVano 365 digital dictation workflow system and smartphone app because we thought it was the best fit for our business both in terms of cost and personal service levels. iVano 365 was fully and more than adequately demonstrated to us. We were also given a free trial of the product to help us make the transition from analogue to digital recording. The implementation of iVano 365 did not cause any disruption to our day to day running of our legal practice. I find the software extremely user friendly and I have been very impressed with it. The main benefit of the management software is the amount of control it allows the user over their workflow. It’s far easier to prioritise jobs than using analogue dictation. The iVano Dictation app is first class. It’s incredibly user friendly and the fact it can be used for dictating no matter where you are is excellent. The whole package has definitely improved efficiency. If I’m out at Court or at a client’s house I can dictate and send straightaway meaning that work can move far quicker than under the old analogue system. The customer service and support we have received from Transcribe UK has been first class. We would describe Transcribe UK’s cloud based digital dictation workflow as efficient, cost effective and user friendly. From a value for money perspective, the package is outstanding. The cost is far lower than any of Transcribe UK’s competitors quoted us and the package is the equal of, if not the better of those.

David McElroy, Managing Partner, Litigation Department, Dallas McMillan Solicitors

Case Study 2 (Medical)

iVano 365 has been a great development for my practice. It is easy to use and has allowed my fellow Consultants and secretaries to work flexibly and remotely in a secure way. It has sped up communication with patients and GPs and means we always have access to patient letters to answer queries. It is also GDPR compliant. It has been a real step forward for my practice.

Mr Peter Lamb, Consultant Surgeon, Hernia & Weight Loss Surgery (Spire Healthcare, Edinburgh)

iVano 365 turns the pain of converting a dictation to a text document into something easy and intuitive through the application of technology.