cloudstep® - cloud cost modelling done right

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cloudstep® - cloud cost modelling done right

jtwo solutions

Detailed financial analysis and modelling of cloud adoption against your current ICT expenditure

cloudstep® provides detailed financial analysis and modelling of cloud adoption against current ICT expenditure.

cloudstep® helps CxO's grapple with and understand the cashflow and operational benefits that public cloud can provide. 

cloudstep® is a tool that helps IT organisations develop a fully costed migration plan for their customers that will help accelerate decisions to act

It helps business leaders (CIO/CFO) answer:

  1. What is the total cost of running an application for a function or group within your business and how much that application might cost if it were delivered via cloud
  2. What is the cost of transition and how long will it take?
  3. When am I retiring existing spend and when do I start to book savings?
  4. What is my expected cash flow for programs of work over the next 5 years and how can I model changes and scenarios dynamically?

It helps IT Principals, Architects and System Integrators to:

  1. Demonstrate a better understanding of your customers complete IT estate and its true cost.
  2. Build a costed pipeline of future work and increase efficiency and operational effectives of pre-sales efforts.
  3. Reduce the "grunt work" associated with business case and migration planning by exploring the financial impact of different courses of action in seconds.
  4. Build costed PaaS options to application deployment instead of simple IaaS and identify the economic impact of change.


  • cloudstep® will show multi-year budgets with several overlapping scenarios allowing CxO's to explore the impact of changes and different courses of action in seconds. 
  • cloudstep® will build complex business cases based on evidence and hard costs, not a vendors assumptions.
  • understand the teams in your organisation, the functions they carry out and the applications they use.
  • understand your infrastructure, its dependencies and its share of all costs.
  • build a change program that recognises and is mindful of the business cycle and plan migrations well ahead to reduce risk and improve communication with business units.
  • understand where capital and operational expenditure occurs
  •  provide up to date tracking of the migration project for reporting to EXEC and business customers.

The change process is complicated, including migrations, legacy infrastructure and capital projects.  cloudstep® summarizes the change program in waves allowing the technical teams to understand what is ahead, where savings will occur and importantly the internal effort required.

cloudstep® -  planning.   

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