Klarytee Word Add-in - Content encryption for documents


Klarytee Word Add-in - Content encryption for documents


Build security into sensitive content in documents to enable granular control wherever it goes

Klarytee is a data security product that enables secure collaboration ensuring full access control of your data wherever it goes. Klarytee secures data in any document with a click of a button from the moment it was created, forever.

Challenges that many organisations face today when managing security are tied to the fragmented approach of using too many tools and products that lead to weak user adoption, practices and lack the essential control of data and ways of managing it in a secure and compliant way. It’s proven to be inefficient and raises even greater security risks. The rise of remote working, the use of personal devices, consumer products and SaaS, inspired us to transform the way organisations manage their data. Security as an enabler, seamless and frictionless as a click of a button and lasts forever? Klarytee brings security to your workflows and doesn’t get in the way. We got to the core of this problem and created a product for the world as it is today: a product that secures any data the moment it was created, for as long as it lasts. However, no security is ever strong enough without the granular control of your data. Get empowered by the freedom of how you secure, share, collaborate and manage your data with access controls you can set along the way. Get Klarytee into your work.

Select all or part of a sensitive document or email you want to secure, encrypt and apply required level of controls based on data sensitivity. Klarytee will secure that data forever while you maintain all control around it even after it leaves your infrastructure so you can revoke access anytime.

"We've been using file level protection but the ability to encrypt and control data at granular level is interesting and I would even say elegant" - Global CISO of Fortune Global 500 consulting company

Sign up today to one of our three license options:

Free: Get started with a free account and try out all of our premium features‍

- Unlimited document decryption

- 30 free document encryptions

- Self service support

- MS Word add-in

Core: All of the features of a free account with unlimited encryption and premium support

- Everything on our Free plan

- Unlimited document encryption

- Premium email and web support

- Online portal access to manage documents

Custom: Contact us today to discuss your requirements‍

- Everything on our Premium plan

- Dedicated integration, onboarding and product support

- Advanced audit and compliance features

- Custom integrations