Klynke Time Management


Klynke Time Management


Track time and manage timesheets within your Microsoft 365 and Teams

Save time and benefit from the seamless integration with Microsoft 365 and Teams and track time spent on teams, projects and cases, Outlook Events, and Planner Tasks - without ever leaving the Microsoft 365 environment.

Great for teams and professionals. Your data always remains in the secured Microsoft 365 cloud environment.

Effortlessly track time spent on a project across multiple tasks and team members, for greater visibility over where your team’s time is being spent.

Time Sheet Management
Track time and manage timesheets with effective time tracking on teams, projects and cases, Outlook Events and Planner Tasks.

You can filter and customize timesheets that are exported to Microsoft Excel - ready for billing. 

Project Management
An easy-to-use project management tool. 

Get valuable time tracking and easy timesheet reporting for the entire project at your fingertips within Microsoft 365 and Teams.

Attach documents and easily add project tasks and or allocate them to team members.

Organize project tasks within Microsoft Planner in a professional way.

Case Management
Bring chaos to order and optimize the handling into cases, where requests can be organized, prioritized, and tracked.

Easily track time and billable hours on cases. 

Create cases either manually or automatically from emails - fully integrated with Outlook. Allocate tasks via Microsoft Planner to team members.

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Get valuable time tracking with instant overview - without leaving Microsoft 365 and Teams.

Our free Klynke Teams App lets you track time easily within Microsoft Teams.

For more information and to watch video on chosen tutorial topics, see our website and Klynke Guide.