KPMG Data&AI Services Framework


KPMG Data&AI Services Framework


D&AI strategy and future state vision, delivering cost reductions, revenue growth & risk management

In a world inundated with data, companies are becoming proficient at collecting information, but most still struggle to convert data into actionable insight, and insight into tangible business value. Leading companies with mature Data and AI strategies are harnessing the power of data by accessing multiple internal and external data sources and breaking down silos within the organization as they do so. They are using sophisticated techniques to produce accurate insights and improve the quality and repeatability of the analytics solutions they implement from intelligent forecasting to intelligent underwriting, from forensic risk assessment to fraud detection, tax outcome prediction, along with marketing, supply chain, sustainability or environmental analytics as examples.

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Tax Reimagined

Low Code Power Platform

Application Modernization & Migration

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Cloud Transformation

Trusted Enterprise Cyber Security

Learning Enablement & Analytics Platform

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