Easily annotate text, video, image, and audio for AI model training.

Labelbox allows data teams to produce high quality AI training and test data with unstructured data like text, video, image, and audio. An intuitive web interface built on top of developer-friendly APIs allows teams to easily set up projects, produce annotated datasets, and deliver datasets to downstream consumers. You can label the data yourself, onboard an external 3rd party, or leverage the Labelbox Workforce to get your data labeled.

Data Types Supported & Common Use Cases

    • Text (TXT, JSON, PDF*): Natural language understanding / NLP, sentiment analysis
    • Image (PNG, JPEG, BMP): Object recognition, image classification
    • Video (MP4): Event and object recognition, video classification
    • Geospatial Imagery (GeoTIFF, NITF, Slippy Map): Mapping use-cases, land surveys
    • Audio (MP3, WAV, M4A): Voice-to-text, natural language understanding, sound classification, sentiment analysis
    • DICOM (DCM*): AI-accelerated medicine


    • Model Assisted Labeling: Accelerate your labeling operations by connecting your models into Labelbox. Model predictions can be rendered directly on the asset and human labelers can review + correct those predictions. Model Assisted Labeling can reduce your labeling time more than 50%.
    • Label Import API: Already have labels? Import them as ground truth into Labelbox through our API and use Labelbox to serve your training data to downstream consumers.
    • Labelbox Python SDK: Fully automate your data workflows with our Python SDK. Programmatically create ontologies, export annotations, and more.
    • Azure Databricks Integration: Use the Labelbox Connector for Azure Databricks to easily bring annotated data into your Azure Databricks environment.


    • IAM Delegated Access Support for Azure Blob: Keep your data in Azure Blob--no need to copy it into Labelbox. You maintain full control of your data.
    • Enterprise-ready Compliance: SOC II Certified, GDPR compliant, HIPAA compliant

Labeling Services

    • Labelbox Workforce: If you want Labelbox to annotate your data for you, we offer affordable labeling services that can scale to meet your project needs.

Additional Information

*PDF and DCM support are available through Private Preview