Manage, analyze and track your physical, digital or hybrid events for Fashion, Luxury and Beauty.

Hard time tracking your RSVPs and managing your different events? 

Create, share and measure an unforgettable event from start to finish with Events, the first live, virtual and hybrid events management solution specifically for the Fashion, Luxury and Beauty industry. 

Live Events: Invite the Voices who will inspire your customers and meet in person to drive conversations about your brand.   

Digital Events: Create a pre-recorded or live stream event in an invite-only environment exclusively to your dedicated guest list. 

Hybrid Events: Combine live and digital events together to build a brand experience with greater ROI and a broader audience. 

  • Activate shareworthy in-person, digital or events. Create first-class experiences using one single tool to manage all of your events. 

  • Build clear event communication. Design the perfect invite and allow guests to RSVP digitally while monitoring the guest list in real-time. 

  • Increase event management efficiency. Manage your event details from guest preferences to an easy check-in process using smartphone or RFID embedded invites for physical events. 

  • Host and manage a pre-recorded or live stream event in an invite-only environment. Create a digital event inspired by real life with customized pages before, during and after your digital experience.

  • Measure your event’s success. Gain insights into attendance metrics, viewing who attended or “no shows” to help plan for future events and track your event performance across online and social media. 

90% of fashion shows use Launchmetrics
200% Increase in event management efficiency
80% faster event check-ins

“Utilizing Launchmetrics Events streamlined both our planning process as well as our guest experience at NYFW: Men’s. It helps put the spotlight on the show instead of the process.” - Mark Beckham, Business Director of Fashion Week at the CFDA