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(10 ratings), put DataOps in the heart of your Business Operations is a simple, powerful and secure self service DataOps platform. Operate with confidence on Apache Kafka & Azure. Lenses delivers broad access to data with fine-grained controls whilst empowering data gurus with SQL capabilities for data flows.

Lenses is the innovative DataOps platform providing SQL access and processing on streaming data. Lenses on Microsoft Azure is optimized for both HDInsight and your own Kafka clusters, streamlining the configuration. Get the access you deserve in mere minutes and deliver application to production faster.

Lenses includes these features:

  • Topic Visibility with Live Stream, SQL filters and more
  • Scalable Lenses SQL Processors
  • Kafka Connect Management
  • Data Policy Module
  • Kubernetes and Kafka Connect scale out modes
  • Role based security with topic back-listing and white-listing
  • Kerberos and LDAP support
  • GitOps. Automate your application landscape with config as code
  • Topology views. View your live application landscape.
  • Alerting and notifications.

The product comes with a bring your own license model which gives you the power to scale and get access to support on your own pace:

  • Up to 50 Brokers
  • Linux or Kubernetes
  • Kafka 0.11 or later
  • Enterprise Support
For information about a Lenses License, visit Be sure to also check out our documentation to learn more about this offering.