Load Balancer / ADC, Inc.
A fully-featured Load Balancer ADC, perfect for high-performing hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Load Balancer / ADC, Inc.

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A fully-featured Load Balancer ADC, perfect for high-performing hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

The Advanced Load Balancer ADC provides advanced Layer 4/7 load balancing, automatically distributing incoming application traffic across Azure-hosted workloads. Rock-solid performance and availability, simple and intuitive management, and unlimited 24/7 access to technical support are all offered as standard.

Support for TCP and UDP enables load balancing of virtually any protocol. SSL termination and re-encryption - coupled with a built-in, OWASP top 10 compliant WAF - enables you to create a secure, robust interface for your infrastructure. URL re-writing / content switching can be used to direct traffic based on defined rules.

Advanced, customizable health checks ensure detection of unhealthy instances within a pool and automatically reroutes traffic to healthy instances. This great product comes fully-featured, enabling all features and full scalability - and licensed for either 4Gbps or 20Gbps throughput, depending on the version you choose.

Core Features:

  • Layer 4 Application Delivery
  • Layer 7 Application Delivery
  • High Availability
  • Persistence/Session Affinity
  • Server Health Checks
  • Fallback Server
  • Maintenance Mode
  • Unrestricted Throughput & Connections

Advanced Features:

  • GSLB (Global Server Load Balancing)
  • WAF (Web Application Firewall) as standard
  • SSL/TLS termination and re-encryption
  • Support for any TCP protocol
  • Content Switching
  • Support Multiple Workloads on Single Public IP
  • HTTP Cookie Persistence
  • Source IP Persistence
  • RDP Cookie Persistence
  • Negotiate Health Check
  • Custom Health Check
  • Integration with Microsoft Connection Broker
  • Multiport Load Balancing
  • Highly Customizable Timeouts
  • Load Balance Azure Based and Non-Azure Based Servers
  • Comprehensive Real-Time & Historical Reports
  • Session Distribution Based on Server Load
  • Full API support enables integration with automation platforms

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