ProFile: Large File Transfer / Exchange

Mevitco UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

ProFile: Large File Transfer / Exchange

Mevitco UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Large File Exchange Web Application - unlimited file size, anti-virus, authentication, server-less!



ProFile gives you the easiest 'Large File Transfer' application fully based on Microsoft Azure managed services.

The browser-based application enables you to easily upload, share and receive files of unlimited sizes.

No training is required - sometimes, less is more!

No integration is needed. No risks for existing IT infrastructure. The whole deployment takes less than 15 minutes, and the data is stored in YOUR subscription.


Transferring large files, in a secure and easy manner is always challenging. Email is a leading form of business communication, sending large files via email is simply not suitable.

ProFile enables you to send and receive files in seconds!

This offering does not require a per-user license!

  • Data & Application entirely in your subscription!
  • Configurable file extensions
  • Integrated and self-updating Antivirus
  • Unlimited file size, with auto-retry if connection is lost
  • Download all files as zip
  • Native Azure Active Directory Integration
  • Based on managed Microsoft Azure services - no Virtual Machines required! Azure App Service and Storage Account.
  • End to end encryption: Encrypted storage, encrypted traffic - optional password protection per session.
  • SLA of 99.94% of the used Azure services
  • 100% automated installation, start in minutes!
  • White-label ready

Please reach out if you have questions.