Intelligeni AIOps Platform


Intelligeni AIOps Platform


Intelligeni detect incidents early and resolves incidents fast

Intelligeni is Microland’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning powered automation platform for managing complex IT systems. It focuses on improving the resilience of managed environments. Intelligeni’s key value proposition is to detect incidents early and resolve incidents fast. 

Intelligeni delivers observability and resolution capabilities to Operations Engineer via assistive and augmented intelligence. It uses anomaly detection to surface hard-to-detect problems, graph-based algorithms to separate useful alert signals from monitoring noise and can then either trigger a remedial action or enable a set of engineers to collaboratively resolve issues.

Hosted on Azure, this provides a SaaS based core and operator console and provides secure on-prem/in customer cloud Edges to gather data and execute secure actions by using Azure Event Hubs, Azure Kubernetes along with Blob storage. 

Intelligeni is available in 3 powerful offerings:

1. Simple Subscription

• Subscribe, setup your edge, run it yourself

• We will help integrate and train your teams

• Pricing is based on per monitored endpoint

2. Observability as a service 

• Point us to your app-stack, we setup and run Intelligeni for you

• We own diagnosis, you resolve

• Guaranteed reduction in incident response and diagnosis times

• Pricing is based on per app stack

3. Application Reliability Assurance

• We run your apps for you to SRE principles

• We bring APM, DevSecOps and full lifecycle management

• We guarantee your App SLOs

• Pricing is based on per app stack