Mo'Real Universe


Mo'Real Universe

Digital Transformation and performance increase of Sales, HR and Marketing activities through AR.

We help companies drive Performance Increases in the areas of Sales, HR and Marketing, through Augmented Reality (AR).

In the context of Digital Transformation, companies can use AR to bring their products in front of customers in a mater of minutes. 

indexAR is a tool for delivering AR content fast and easy. It takes 10-20 minutes to setup and deliver an AR experience through indexAR, instead of 5 months through classic solutions. 

It's like YouTube, but for delivering 3D content instead of videos.


We provide:

- the content management platform for the companies;

- a free mobile app (iOS and Android) for the customers;


indexAR can be used for sales, presentations, brand awareness, training, onboarding new employees.


Main reasons: 


  • lower the costs associated with the sale process (face to face visits,  travel costs,  presentation materials);
  • improves customer experience (deliver a 3D digital version of your products and services in front of your customers, wherever they are).



  • create a 3D virtual environment that acts like an exhibition space.


Brand awareness 

  • be memorable trough the immersive experience you provide to customers; 
  • take your brand to your customers wherever they are.


Onboarding and training 

  • Improve your training material through immersive visual content.