muNLQ (Natural Language Query)

Mu Sigma Business Solutions LLC

muNLQ (Natural Language Query)

Mu Sigma Business Solutions LLC

Accelerate your decision-making with muNLQ (Natural Language Query)

Business users without SQL expertise struggle to leverage data for industry-focused decision-making, limiting their insights and analysis. muNLQ empowers customers to effortlessly access and analyze data, eliminating the need for SQL expertise. Gain insights with ease and save time, as data exploration becomes intuitive and accessible for all.

Key Benefits:

  • Seamlessly Import your Data: Enables seamless integration with Azure’s native tools, including Azure Cloud Storage and Azure Databases, for enhanced connectivity and data management capabilities

  • SQL Query Generation: Translate natural language to SQL automatically to query data

  • Database Connectivity: Connect to a database to retrieve data and execute SQL queries

  • Visualization: Leverage multiple options to visualize trends and patterns in your data.

  • Easy Downloads: Download and export generated result table(s) as a CSV for further analysis or reporting

What our customers are saying:

"muNLQ has transformed the way we interact with data, making it effortless to retrieve insights and communicate with our non-technical stakeholders."

Why Mu Sigma?

Mu Sigma’s proprietary Art of Problem Solving (AoPS)TM approach helps businesses:

  • Define the current state and desired future state; and existing gaps in a consistent, structured manner by asking the right questions.

  • Connect the vision to an execution plan, and align all stakeholders, enabling businesses to move from MVP to robust transformation.

  • Represent and explore the interconnected nature of business problems.

  • Efficiently track progress from problem definition to consumption/transformation.

About Us:

Mu Sigma is the world’s largest pure-play big data analytics and decision sciences company. Through our Art of Problem-Solving, we strive to scale and systematize better decision-making through business intelligence services. Mu Sigma works across the entire decision support ecosystem (data sciences, data engineering, and decision sciences) with Fortune 1000 companies worldwide, including 140+ Fortune 500 companies.