Cloud Cost Management


Cloud Cost Management


Cost Management Services simplifies the economic management of the Cloud Platforms.

This service makes easier the administrative tasks and allows continuous optimization of the consumption and costs forecast. 

This service is based on the use and personalization of our platform “MultiCloud Cost Management” and our Team of Cloud Specialists.

  • Saves costs by the automation of the billing processes, budget and costs management and control.
  • Accurate cost allocation by costs centre.
  • Control of expenses by using entities, automatic alerting and forecast of the costs based on trends.
  • Empower the users by providing a tool for the monitoring of the costs and resources deployed on their environments.

The application allows access to detailed information on each of the Cloud subscription managed by the Company. 

Cost control

Consumption Management:

  • Full and detailed view for Cloud costs by Cloud, project, Order…
  • Translation of the costs on accounting  language (Entity, Environment, Project, Type)
  • Projection of costs based on trends

Billing Entities

Expenses allocation by cost centre:

  • Automatic billing to the entities
  • Cost control based on budgets
  • Automatic alerting based on cost deviations
  • Allocation/assignation of shared elements

Roles and Security


  • Centralized management of projects, purchase orders or users
  • Access using Azur Active directory accounts
  • Custom roles and privileges
  • Secure architecture