M365 Enterprise Assistant

NDS Infotech Ltd.

M365 Enterprise Assistant

NDS Infotech Ltd.

Integrated, Scalable & Intelligent Enterprise Assistant for M365

M365 Enterprise Assistant

Benefit by

ü Adopting & improving knowledge management & discoverability across the enterprise

ü Optimizing access & costs with helpdesk functions across the enterprise

ü Providing a rich & standardized employee experience solution

ü Rapidly scaling functions & resources to match needs


Ø Cloud-based unified 24x7 helpdesk with unlimited and on-demand scalability

Ø Implement workflows across business functions to provide single point to access to all information & transactions

Ø Run existing workflows in compatible line of business systems (e.g., ServiceNow) directly without remodelling

Ø Implement long-running workflows and repeatable automated processes with ease

Ø Implement self-service full automation of processes with integration into scripting tools or RPA interfaces *

Ø Enable proactive insights into user work patterns & well-being using Microsoft Viva Insights (* available in Microsoft Teams)

Ø Conversational chat/voice interface using NLP with variations for adding traditional (menu-driven) interfaces also

Ø Multiple consistent touchpoints (web, mobile apps, messengers, voice assistants, email, and more) to enable the truly digital workspace

Ø Seamless integrations into line of business systems

Ø Continuous learning & improvement using intelligent rich analytics & usage insights

Ø Ease of governance with complete control of your data & resources