Govern 365 - The Microsoft 365 Governance Tool


Govern 365 - The Microsoft 365 Governance Tool


Your Zero Trust, experience, protection, and compliance platform, for Microsoft 365

For organizations using Microsoft 365, Govern 365 provides an automated & frictionless solution to protect your company’s sensitive information, and limit litigation & compliance exposure, without burdening productivity.

Are these your concerns?

  • Protecting intellectual property & sensitive information
  • Complying with privacy and regulatory standards
  • Enabling Employee productivity, satisfaction & retention

What is Govern 365?

Govern 365 is a comprehensive and intuitive solution for Microsoft 365 that protects sensitive information while limiting future litigation and compliance exposure.

The focus is to help the everyday user of Microsoft 365 to effortlessly select the right tool for a specific need, quickly get that provisioned and move forward efficiently to share content, engage with colleagues, and improve teamwork.

What's new in Govern 365?

  • Leverage Microsoft Information Protection to safeguard your Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Make it easier for users and admins to unlock and manage the powerful features of Microsoft 365
  • View, find and filter all workspaces by user role
  • Support for most Microsoft 365 workloads (SharePoint Sites, Yammer, Teams, Outlook Groups, etc.) and custom metadata
  • Highly flexible, rule-based disposal and recertification process to help you mitigate compliance risks
  • Encourage good data citizenship through protection and workspace tagging

Note: Govern 365 is offered as SaaS on Microsoft 365. To install and configure, you need to have Global Admin Privileges both for a free trial and a full version of Govern 365. Also, a support ticket can be raised within Govern 365 but you need to have Govern 365 application-level admin access to create it.