Puppeteer Browser Automation on Headless Ubuntu

Noricum Cloud Solutions

Puppeteer Browser Automation on Headless Ubuntu

Noricum Cloud Solutions is a fully-supported service that automates Chrome in the Cloud made by experts.

Deploy Puppeteer on Azure in 1 click is a cloud service that automates Chrome and Chromium on VMs, Container, and serverless architectures. Get started with Puppeteer in the Cloud with this image. Puppeteer controls Chrome and Chromium over the DevTools Protocol, making it a perfect candidate for Performance and Load Testing. We provide solutions for Linux as well as Windows. This VM comes with detailed documentation, sample code snippets, and email support. Contact us at for any infrastructure and coding>
Hard Facts for this VM:
  • Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS
  • Chrome & Chromium
  • Puppeteer (+ sample code)

SSH (port 22) into the instance and navigate to the /usr/puppeteer directory, which includes all NodeJS packages, by 'cd /usr/puppeteer'. Execute our sample scripts by 'nodejs sample-chrome.js' or 'nodejs sample-chromium.js'. After the execution of the script, you can locate screenshots by typing 'ls'.

Own development:
Edit files directly in the terminal by eg. 'nano' or connect to the VM via a SCP tool to deploy your own scripts remotely.

Parallel execution:
If you need parallel execution or want the Puppeteer script to run while closing the SSH session, use the 'tmux' feature.

Find detailed documentation for this product at: is made by Noricum Cloud Solutions:
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