Puppeteer Browser Automation on Windows

Noricum Cloud Solutions

Puppeteer Browser Automation on Windows

Noricum Cloud Solutions is a fully-supported service for automating Chrome in the Cloud made by experts.

Deploy Puppeteer on Azure in 1 click is a cloud service that automates Chrome and Chromium on VMs, Container, and Serverless architectures. Get started with Puppeteer in the Cloud with this image. Puppeteer controls Chrome and Chromium over the DevTools Protocol, making it a perfect candidate for Performance and Load Testing. We provide solutions for Linux as well as Windows. This VM comes with detailed documentation, sample code snippets, and email support. Contact us at for any infrastructure and coding issues.

Hard Facts for this VM:
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Automate Google Chrome & Chromium
  • Puppeteer NodeJS-Framework (+ sample code)

Connect to the VM via RDP (port 3389) and open a command prompt window. All packages are located in the C:\Puppeteer directory. To execute our sample scripts, type 'cd C:\Puppeteer' into shell, then execute the scripts by 'node sample-chrome.js' or 'node sample-chromium.js'. Afterward, you can see the script executing.

Own development:
Texteditor Notepad++ for script development is pre-installed. Open it by right-clicking on JS script, then open with Notepad++.

Find detailed documentation for all mentioned features at: is made by Noricum Cloud Solutions:
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