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GPU-accelerated multilingual speech and translation AI SDK

NVIDIA® Riva is a GPU-accelerated software development kit (SDK) for building and deploying fully customizable, real-time multilingual speech and translation AI pipelines—including automatic speech recognition (ASR), neural machine translation (NMT), and text-to-speech (TTS).

Riva delivers world-class out-of-the-box accurate transcriptions and translations, and engaging professional voices. It can be deployed on-prem, in all clouds, embedded, and at the edge.

With NVIDIA Riva customers can customize for different languages, accents, domains, vocabulary, and context to achieve the best possible accuracy for their use case, and the brand voice and intonation they want. It provides consistent experiences for hundreds of thousands of input streams with higher inference performance versus existing technology. To accelerate building speech-AI-based AI solutions, Riva includes packaged AI workflows for audio transcription and intelligent virtual assistants that include pretrained models and resources such as Helm Charts, Jupyter Notebooks, and documentation.

Riva, a premium edition of the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform, is available for $60 per GPU hour for high-performance GPUs such as NVIDIA A100.

Contact NVIDIA for special pricing for alternative GPU options ($15/hour GPU tiers) or private offers using Link.

NVIDIA Riva VMI includes:
  • Ubuntu Server 22.04
  • NVIDIA vGPU Driver
  • Docker-ce
  • NVIDIA Container Toolkit
  • Azure CLI, NGC CLI
  • Miniconda, JupyterLab (within conda base env), Git
  • NVIDIA AI Enterprise Catalog access script

Quick Start Guide
Documentation and Release Notes

NOTE: Please select the appropriate plan for GPU instance. There should be 1:1 mapping between plan and number of GPUs on the instance. Eg. 1 GPU plan for instance with 1 GPU. Additional information is available under plan description.

For more information on NVIDIA GPU VM series, please visit link

Global NVIDIA Al Enterprise Support is included.
Support requests are limited to 3 calls.
With private pricing offers, customers are entitled to unlimited call, email, and portal access for support.

Benefits of NVIDIA Enterprise Support include:
  • Enterprise grade support and SLAs provided directly from NVIDIA
  • Access to NVIDIA AI experts from 8am-5pm local business hours for guidance on configuration and performance
  • Priority notifications for the latest security fixes and maintenance releases
  • API stability and long-term support for up to 3 years on designated software branches