inorigo® – The Metagraph platform for Digital Sustainability

Ortelius AB

inorigo® – The Metagraph platform for Digital Sustainability

Ortelius AB

The software platform for modeling, visualization and governance of complex business logics & data.

Ideate The Intangible,
Make It Actionable,
Become Digitally Sustainable.

inorigo® is the cutting-edge Metagraph software platform, for the modeling, visualization, and governance of complex business and industry logics and data.

Who is inorigo® for?

inorigo® is for those helping organizations to excel in digital transformation initiatives like moving into Industry 4.0, product- & service end-to-end, data migration, and data Governance.

The inorigo modeling tools allow you to build a sophisticated Metagraph model to reflect reality without compromise. It can then be extended to integrate and harmonize various IT System models and data into a single, unified framework for a sustainable digital ecosystem.

With the help of inorigo’s® no-code/low-code visual tools, you can design and implement sophisticated solutions that span multiple domains to support the entire value chain from start to finish.

Today +1.000 business-critical solutions are running on the inorigo® Metagraph platform in some of Europe’s most successful companies. The inorigo® Metagraph models are integrated with our Global Unique Identifier (GUID) to many of the well-known standard ERP, PLM, CRM, MDM, and BI systems.

inorigo®’s strategy is to leverage more foresight looking digital savvy business experts and consultants in their daily work to continuously improve and evolve organizations.

Engineering the future

With its unique database capability, you can iteratively engineer and design a very sophisticated digital replica of you current and future business, creating one common enterprise wide “definition language”. This will power up your experts’ and business decision-makers’ tribal knowledge, allowing them to align and work together more efficiently.

With inorigo’s® digital replica you can simulate different scenarios and test the impact of changes to your organization’s structure, processes, business models and digital ecosystem.

inorigo® in action

The inorigo® platform makes collective human and machine decision making possible through an extensive set of visualizing exploratory tools and web services to be used in the following modes:

Explorative mode

With inorigo’s® Model Builder you can design the model with essential business objects, their attributes, and relationships.

Adding multiple groupings and classifications helps your stakeholders to gain a comprehensive understanding of the information structure and facilitates effective communication and decision-making.

The Model Explorer allows you to visualize the model and data to be shared by architects and stakeholders. This gives the ability to explore and analyze the data visually, enabling better understanding, insights, and decision-making.

Operational mode

Once a model is in place it can uncover gaps in the current IT system landscape. inorigo® can help you host and manage the system by setting up relationships between objects from different sources through a collection of built-in tools.

inorigo’s® Application Builder lets you create applications to manage and govern your data. The data can be maintained either though manual input or automation when applicable.

By integrating data from various sources your enterprise can validate the quality and integrity of the information model. This helps identify inconsistencies, gaps, and errors in the data, leading to improved data quality and reliability.