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Global insights, trends, predictions, market popularity and advanced analytics for commercial music is AI-powered global music intelligence platform that allows media and entertainment organisations to make more informed decisions about music in order to enable more effective monetisation.

The vastly growing audio market is presenting huge opportunities for organisations in this space, allowing them to leverage an exciting ecosystem that is forecast to grow to $142b by 2030. However, this growth has created a world of complexity with change happening on a daily basis, new entrants appearing overnight and market signals appearing every second. The ability to keep abreast of global market and consumer trends is simply out of the reach of the majority of stakeholders in the industry.

The word’s music data is a vast ecosystem that spans multiple platforms across streaming, social, media & entertainment, fandoms, market research and more. Media sectors including radio groups, music labels, streamers and brands are trying to make sense of global music trends in a bid to attract more listeners, stay ahead of the competition, spot the next big thing, insert relevant music into advertising campaigns and much more. 

The key to success is being able to carry out advanced analytics across these sources in order to identify trends, insights and predictions. Our Global Indexing & Media Matching Engine allows our customers to do just that by being able to uniquely identity song and artist data and associated metadata across he world’s music data sources.

So, what does this mean for our customers today and for the industry as a whole? Our market-leading AI & Machine Learning capabilities that power our platform mean that our customers can access global insights, trends, predictions, market popularity and analytics at the touch of a button!

One of our flagship features is our AI predictions module where our platform will show you what the streaming charts will look like for next week. This is bringing the true power of Predictive Analytics to the industry.

Welcome to the world of Advanced Analytics for Music. Welcome to!