DER Management and Communication Platform

PXiSE Energy Solutions

DER Management and Communication Platform

PXiSE Energy Solutions

Server to visualize and manage customer DERs

The DER Management and Communication Platform helps utilities register, monitor, organize, and schedule the dispatch of customer distributed energy resources (DERs) including energy storage and solar PV via a cloud-native server running the IEEE 2030.5 standard protocol.

Gain visibility and management of your customer DERs

  • User-friendly, web-based interface facilitates rapid user onboarding
  • Identify the asset type, location, status, and associated consumption levels or storage availability
  • Define customized DER groupings which can have independent business rules

Understand DER load profiles

  • Gain access to critical data about the power profiles of customer DERs on your system to help manage and shape the power grid.

Expand hosting capacity and customer benefits

  • Use collected data to inform a comprehensive model of the distribution system that can enable the future development of customer-centric programs.

Secure and consolidate customer DERs

  • Rely on one central command center to manage geographically dispersed DERs via a cloud environment with robust cybersecurity protocols.
  • Leverage the elegance of the IEEE 2030.5 standard protocol which was purpose-built as a future-proof multipurpose Internet of Things (IoT) communication protocol
  • Securely communicate in the cloud with thousands of DERs via robust encryption provided through an IP-based TLS1.2 standard with certificates and access control
  • Secure data between the client and server as well as access to the user interface

Prepare for future expansion

  • Access basic DER management functionality now that can be deployed quickly and widely to assist in immediate scheduling and dispatch of customer assets.
  • Leverage data over time to determine key areas that would benefit from additional layers of autonomous control.

PXiSE's DER Management and Communications Platform is an Azure Managed Application that was designed to be both easy to install and easy to use. PXiSE offers deployment services for those customers who may need additional help - whether due to resource bandwidth constraints or any number of other reasons.

Benefits of engaging with PXiSE on deployment services include the following:

  • To help ensure customers are satisfied with their investments in PXiSE solutions
  • To help accelerate time to value and ROI
  • To help ensure a trouble-free experience
  • To help customers accelerate their strategy for managing the electric grid of the future

In this engagement, our team of experienced product, industry, and technology professionals will guide you through the platform deployment process.

Please contact us to learn more about the platform and the services we offer to help ensure your success. Thank you.