Qarbine- Pro


Qarbine- Pro


A Native NoSQL Analysis and Reporting Suite

Qarbine is a comprehensive modern data reporting suite to:
  • Boost your dev teams’ productivity with native querying & data analysis flexibility
  • Amplify your modern data ROI with publication quality reporting
  • Improve insights for everyone in the organization

  • Qarbine focuses on delivering the analytic details behind your summary BI visualization dashboards. Its 10+ integrated tools includes a robust template designer combining the power of Microsoft Word formatting, Excel formulas, and PowerPoint layout features.

    The Professional edition is ideal for daily analytic tasks and enhancing your applications with highly functional integrated reporting. A comparison of the various edition features, including data access drivers, can be found here.

    Key aspects of a sample report:

    1 Embedded documents

    2 Embedded arrays

    3 Excel-like calculations

    4 Custom graphics and charts  

    5 Business object functions

    6 Interactive elements
    Qarbine enhances your Azure CosmosDB and other NoSQL applications, integrates with Azure Open AI services, and leverages many Azure cloud services. It addresses analytic & reporting requirements for a diverse set of stakeholders ranging from developers, to analysts, end users, and corporate IT. Modern data gives developers superpowers but is kryptonite for legacy tools. Why lose your investment in modern data by using tabular, legacy SQL centric tools? Qarbine saves everyone time and improves their decisions.

    Qarbine’s extensive reporting suite:
  • Reduces demands on developers & analysts for reporting tasks
  • Rapidly delivers diverse analytic workflows
  • Enhances your application functionality
  • Captures team member expertise to share insights 24x7
  • Increases dev team, analyst and end user productivity

  • Features
    Qarbine is designed to leverage modern data features across diverse NoSQL, graph, NewSQL, and even distributed SQL databases.
  • Create high quality analysis reports with your modern data investments
  • Supports native queries and JSON data to increase your modern data ROI
  • Has over 10 integrated tools to improve productivity across all team members
  • Shared catalog enables insights and analysis authoring anytime and anywhere
  • Fully embeddable into applications for seamless interactive user experiences

  • Key Differences For You
  • Gain modern data analysis for the details behind your summary dashboards
  • Garner praise instead of backlog to amplify your modern data ROI
  • No insane flattening of JSON structures, ETL, or attempted SQL gymnastics
  • Avoid painful to manage per seat licenses through simple by the hour billing

  • How To Get Started
    Instantly signup for a sandbox account at here.
    Review the MongoDB oriented whitepaper.
    Check out the video on the top corner of this page.