Ramp Multicast+ (eCDN)


Ramp Multicast+ (eCDN)


Reduce network congestion created by bandwidth-intensive live video streams behind the firewall

Ramp Multicast+ is a next-generation multicast solution for distributing high-quality, stable video on corporate networks. As legacy multicast solutions become obsolete, Multicast+ is the only direct replacement that supports modern video standards. Multicast+ is integrated with Microsoft 365, making it easy for organizations using Microsoft Stream, Teams, Yammer and Skype for Business to conduct live video broadcasts without stressing the corporate network.

Our software solution deploys and scales 100 percent on site, behind your firewall without requiring new hardware or expensive network upgrades. Unlike other eCDN solutions, it distributes video at the network layer with end-to-end encryption to maintain the enterprise security policies you have in place.

Highest QoE for live streams

The true measure of a live stream’s success is the quality of experience (QoE). If employees experience buffering, delays, or if they can’t connect to the stream, your network is probably in overdrive. Multicast+ resolves network congestion by simultaneously delivering a single video stream to hundreds or thousands of viewers. It delivers the content faster, more reliably and with less bandwidth for an exceptional QoE.

Vendor neutral, common enterprise streaming infrastructure

Multicast+ is a common enterprise streaming infrastructure, which means it is designed to optimize video delivery from virtually any streaming platform you use. Multicast+ offers the following:

  • Delivers live video streams over multicast on local area networks and behind the firewall
  • Supports any encoder that outputs HLS, DASH or RTP over HTTP(S)
  • Supports video delivery to HLS, DASH and HTML5 video players
  • DVR capability, allowing users to pause and time slip video playback
  • RESTful architecture to easily integrate with enterprise video streaming platforms

Reliable live streams—every time

Multicast+ allows you to run full-scale simulations before your live event. With each simulation, you can verify network performance and review detailed analytics, allowing you to make necessary adjustments. During a live event, patented forward error correction, bandwidth smoothing technologies, and high-availability clustering provide a seamless, high-quality viewer experience—even over unstable connections.

Monitor and analyze impact

Multicast+ Event Analytics is a simple and intuitive dashboard that allows you to monitor events in real-time or perform post-event analysis. You can quickly assess the health of your network during a broadcast to make changes on the fly or dive deeper to evaluate performance statistics over time.