Track & Trace (RealTraceability)

Real Variable Digital Asset Services Inc.

Track & Trace (RealTraceability)

Real Variable Digital Asset Services Inc.

Real Time End to end Track & Trace from Suppliers to Manufacturers to Logistics and end Customers

Real Variable is a Blockchain powered SCM platform & solutions company established in 2017 with operations in India & USA. We enable digital acceleration and cost saving benefits to organizations.

Industry Challenges:

1) Lack of Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) level info due to multilevel package aggregation
2) Huge Turn Around Time (TAT) for match up shipments data
3) Temperature controlled / Hazmat items tracking challenges
4) Disparate siloed business systems
5) Temperature Controlled Logistics challenges
6) Digital provenance across multi modal transportation

RealTraceability Solution:

1) It is an In-transit tracking solution at SKU level
2) QR Code based tracking is available at SKU level items
3) Solution based on Blockchain based Distributed Ledger Technology & smart contracts
4) Integrates with Major Logistics provider systems

Business Benefits:

1) Transparency, immutability and security
2) Reduce Cost of collaboration and increased traceability
3) Digital Data Trust between parties
4) Improved Quality assurance, On time delivery and payment processing

Value Proposition:

As per SCM Review, the total net benefit increases by 13% across value chain with use of blockchain & smart contracts.