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Red Marble AI

Maximise construction contract entitlements through artificial intelligence.

Infrastructure projects are leading Australia’s economic recovery, and construction firms need to use every competitive advantage to drive profitability across all projects. Crews on the ground don’t always know all the details of the contract, and commercial teams don’t always have visibility of everything that’s happening on site.

This means that payments or extensions of time entitled under a contract can be missed.

Using Artificial Intelligence, construction firms can now claim more of their contractual entitlements and increase project profitability.

RedClaim uses Artificial Intelligence to:

  • Identify potential client instructed variations, weather events, latent conditions, zero harm or other commercial opportunities.

  • Raise alerts in real-time when a contractual entitlement may have been triggered.

  • Help build evidence to support claims.

  • Remove the need to fully understand contractual rights and obligations.

RedClaim is secure, easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use and already delivering ROI on major construction projects in Australia. The AI continually learns from your data, improving commercial outcomes the more it is used.

No more time-bars. No more missed entitlements. No more scrambling to gather evidence late or after a project has been completed.

Infrastructure projects are leading Australia’s recovery, and you now have a way of improving the profitability of your projects. Reach out to us at to learn more!

RedClaim is powered by Red Marble AI, a Melbourne based software development firm specialising in Artificial Intelligence, with an overarching focus on how AI can enhance human performance and workforce productivity.

Red Marble has worked with a variety of enterprise customers such as Downer, mining firms such as Evolution Mining, South32, Oceana Gold, retailers such as CCA and Webjet and a variety of other firms.

In construction, Red Marble is the AI partner within Downer’s DBot programme which is a market leading initiative transforming the way infrastructure projects are delivered.