Scai free business intelligence and analytics


Scai free business intelligence and analytics


Free self-service BI reporting platform for Azure SQL, Snowflake and other cloud SQL databases

The ScaiPlatform is a modern business intelligence and centralized reporting web platform for Azure SQL, Snowflake and other various SQL data sources. It combines the power of real-time data analytics, reporting, and SQL data management functionality in one platform.

Compared to other BI solutions, you can save time, effort and cut costs significantly with ScaiPlatform. Technical and non-technical users can create their own reports (pivots, aggregates, filters, joining data sets, etc.) or insert, delete, edit records through the graphical interface. Thus, it is a versatile data entry, cleansing and centralized reporting solution. Moreover, spreadsheet data files can be imported into/exported from your Azure SQL or any supported SQL database without writing any code. Scai will take care of it for you.

Beautiful graphs and dashboards can be created and shared. Graph types such as scatter, line, point, and bar charts are available. With a couple of clicks, users can easily explore or perform multi-dimensional data analysis to compare between different KPIs or segments.

ScaiPlatform is a real-time business intelligence platform that shows the most recent data in the dashboards, tables and views. By being light-weight and generating SQL code, it does not add any performance overhead to your database system. This makes it a powerful, affordable, simple data analytics and management tool.

Scai, one platform to unify your analytics and data sources.


  • create beautiful dashboards and reports, get a feeling of your data or dive deep into it, join data sets, all with a couple of clicks
  • easy to use centralized reporting platform for management of disparate SQL data sources
  • without any coding, insert, delete, edit records and import/export spreadsheet data files
  • a user-friendly console is available for more complex ad-hoc queries
  • get started in minutes

Questions and support

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