WURFL Microservice 2.0 Standard

ScientiaMobile, Inc.

WURFL Microservice 2.0 Standard

ScientiaMobile, Inc.

Looking for Device Detection of your mobile, web and smartTV users? Try WURFL Microservice Standard

WURFL by ScientiaMobile delivers highly accurate device information to enterprises that need to augment their business intelligence with a detailed understanding of end-users’ devices:

  • Web developers can offer separate user-experience to mobile and web users, or even a completely separate experience to users of SmartTVs and consoles.
  • Ad Tech companies can augment their platforms with device targeting, making their offering more compelling for advertisers.
  • Data Engineers can augment their understanding of their users with several properties related to their devices.
  • Event Stream platforms can use WURFL for device detection to identify certain classes of errors that only happen on specific devices or classes of devices.

Integrate WURFL Device Detection capabilities into applications to enable use-cases such as: mobile optimization, targeted advertising, Event Streams analysis and device analytics (Pro Edition).
Available in three tiers: Basic, Standard and Pro, each offering access to more device capabilities (device properties).

With automatic weekly updates of its device library (over 65,000 devices), WURFL delivers fast, multi-threaded performance that effectively scales on multi-core Azure VM processor servers.

Developers can integrate the WURFL Microservice Standard Edition with major programming languages, including: .NET (C#), Java, PHP, Node.js, and Golang.

Standard Edition for all supported languages is designed for Mobile Optimization, Advertising/AdTech and Event Streams Analytics.

Enterprises can feed WURFL Device Detection into their business intelligence platforms to improve understanding of their users, identify trends and problems in their services, and plan investments in future strategies based on detailed comprehension of mobile and internet-enabled devices.

Getting Started and Resources

The video on the right illustrates how you can deploy WURFL Microservice on Azure and integrate it with your applications.

You can find more information on the ScientiaMobile website:

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