Gather Safely™

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Gather Safely™

Tamarin Health

Create the safest work environment through simple, HR and HIPAA compliant health monitoring

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on our lives and our businesses, turning our operations upside down. But, we must get back to work: universities and public schools are retuning in the fall; sports are back!; production companies and events are considering their options for operating safely; and business offices have returned in partial capacity.

At Tamarin, we’re dedicated to helping you return to work and protect against the spread of the novel coronavirus - no matter what your work is. 

Our simple platform and powerful features help you protect your team, your customers, and your bottom line:

A Gather Safely™ Badge to Manage On-Site Access

Rely on a validated system to bring people together with confidence. Badges can be used by staff, visitors, volunteers, customers, clients – anyone that is gathering, are based on a symptom survey.

Tools for your Team to Self-Manage Every Step

  • Symptom Surveys and user attestation
  • Testing site map and locator
  • Ability to safely upload and store test results in a Human Resources and HIPAA compliant way

Testing Coordination Tools and Support
Testing is a key component of a robust Covid-19 prevention program. Establish a baseline and repeat testing process, including implementing a randomized testing protocol that helps keep everyone safe, and work directly with our testing partners.

Security from an Unchangeable Audit Trail
Our blockchain-backed system ensures that you maintain verifiable, unchangeable proof of all data including symptoms and test results.

Intentionally Web-based, No Download Needed
Users can access the platform from any device and any operating system. Because protocols continue to change rapidly, our platform is intentionally web-based, which provides us the flexibility to make and push rapid changes, instead of having to wait 1-2 weeks for App Store Approval.

With the implementation of our platform, you can confidently return to work and prevent the spread of Covid-19.