A software-only load balancer, web accelerator and application firewall for DevOps.

The best software application delivery controller, for all your load balancing, web application acceleration and application firewall needs. Improve your up-time and security for your team, whether you are a DevOps Engineer, I.T Operation Engineer or website maintainer. Simplify the up-time and security of your website or web application using Snapt. We make load-balancing simple to configure with many optional advanced configurations, while providing you with great visibility over the traffic. Accelerate your website with our powerful HTTP/S web accelerator to offload your servers, improve page load times and get A+ SSL ratings. Stay online under pressure using our award-winning Layer 7 load balancer. Enjoy amazing visibility, reporting, alerts and more from the most powerful load balancer. Protect against SQL injections, worms, leaks and more using the Snapt WAF. Sleep well at night – we certainly do! Use the Snapt GSLB to route traffic intelligently around the globe and make your co-location setup easier than ever. Be supported 24/7/365, whether you are on our entry-level package or are an enterprise client. Snapt has the fastest support response time in the industry.