Accelerate AI with Azure OpenAI & Chat GPT

Sopra Steria Norway

Accelerate AI with Azure OpenAI & Chat GPT

Sopra Steria Norway

Deployed MVP with Azure OpenAI Service and Chat GPT in you Azure tenant.

Accelerate AI with Azure OpenAI Service - 4 weeks
Sopra Steria Norway

Fast-track your AI journey by transitioning from pilot projects to production with the Azure OpenAI Service.

This phase focuses on evaluating pilot projects, integrating essential data sources, and establishing a robust data storage setup for future fine-tuning and analytics.

Target Audience:

  • CxO Level
  • CIO
  • IT Managers
  • AI Strategists

Professional Service:
In-depth evaluation of pilot projects initiated in the discovery phase. Selection and transition of the most promising pilot to a full-scale production environment.

Integration of necessary data sources and establishment of a comprehensive data storage strategy.

A structured approach to:

  • Evaluate the outcomes and ROI of pilot projects.
  • Select the most impactful pilot for transition to production.
  • Integrate essential data sources to feed into the Azure OpenAI Service.
  • Design and implement a data storage solution for future use cases, including fine-tuning and analytics.

At the end of the 4-week period:

  1. A pilot project successfully transitioned to a production environment, leveraging the Azure OpenAI Service.
  2. Seamless integration of necessary data sources to support the production environment.
  3. A robust data storage setup in place, optimized for future fine-tuning, analytics, and scalability.
  4. Detailed documentation and best practices for maintaining and scaling the production setup.
  5. Strategic insights on maximizing the benefits of the Azure OpenAI Service in the production phase and beyond.