Titan Managed File Transfer for Linux

South River Technologies

Titan Managed File Transfer for Linux

South River Technologies

Titan MFT is an MFT solution offering secure, automated file transfer, collaboration and storage.

Titan MFT is a business grade Managed File Transfer (MFT) server with Secure File Transfer (SFTP) and scalability features providing enterprise-class high-availability, failover, and clustering. Titan MFT integrates with existing authentication systems and meets or exceeds security and compliance standards. Titan MFT comes packaged for your technical team to deploy quickly and easily.

Titan MFT offers:

• PGP to encrypt at-rest data without leaving data temporarily unsecured

• Support for two-factor authentication using Google and Microsoft Authenticators

• FIPS 140-2, HIPAA, PCI and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance

• Easy and secure file sharing with customers and partners

• Protection from common hacking attempts by closing inbound firewall ports, automating events

• Files can be stored on the local VM hard drive or on Azure File Storage accounts.

Titan MFT also includes load-balancing support, multi-server clustering and fail-over, and increased file transfer speeds with top-line data compression. Events management and automation distribute work volume and facilitate workflow to save you time on vital but tedious tasks.

This is a fully functional edition of Titan MFT Server. Simply launch an instance of the VM and Titan MFT will be running and ready for use. A built in Default Server with SFTP, FTP/S, WebDAV/S and a full WebUI is preconfigured and ready to run.