Titan FTP Server - CUCM Edition

South River Technologies
Secure SFTP Backup server for CUCM Devices.

Titan FTP Server - CUCM Edition

South River Technologies

Secure SFTP Backup server for CUCM Devices.

Titan CUCM Backup is a fully configured, secure, SSH/SFTP server running on a dedicated Azure VM. Completely pre-configured and ready to run, you simply create a User account on the Titan server, then configure your CUCM backup service to back up your data to the cloud. Backup files can be stored on the local VM hard drive or on Azure File Storage accounts.

Titan SFTP Server software is trusted by over 25,000 companies worldwide. It’s an ideal way to support a distributed workforce, providing secure transfers, automation and cost-effective file storage in Azure Cloud.

Strongest Security
Titan SFTP Server uses the latest encryption standards to assure your transfers are secure. Automation rules are available to thwart hacking attempts, and granular permission settings assure only authorized users can access files. Titan SFTP Security features include:

• Both password and SSH Host Key support for authentication
• Encrypted passwords
• Granular user permissions
• Protection against DoS attacks and Password Guessing
• IP Whitelisting and Blacklisting
• Ability to ban or kick users
• Simple Setup

Titan SFTP Server comes pre-configured and ready to run. Titan is effortless to install: simply fire up the VM, add a DNS name, and begin securely transferring your files to the Azure Cloud.

Powerful Automation
Tired of babysitting outdated batch files and unwieldy scripts? Titan’s event-based automation enables you to easily modernize your file transfer flows. File exchange over SFTP is critical to business processes across many industries like financial services, healthcare, telecom, and retail. Manage these processes with notifications, conditional transfers and directory monitoring.

No Hardware to Manage
You no longer have to purchase, setup and run your own server and storage hardware to securely exchange files. Using Titan SFTP Server in Azure means less time spent on maintaining hardware, while securely providing access to your users – anytime, anywhere.