StoneFly Cloud Storage

StoneFly, Inc.

StoneFly Cloud Storage

StoneFly, Inc.

Enterprise cloud storage in Azure with high performance NAS, SAN, S3 & advanced data services

StoneFly makes it simple, easy, and affordable to create, configure, and connect to NFS or CIFS/SMB NAS for unstructured data (files, images, videos, etc.), S3 object storage, and iSCSI SAN volumes for structured data (relational databases like MySQL, Oracle, and other applications, etc.) provisioned in Azure – with the added benefit of advanced data services that offer the best value for money experience in the market.

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Store Data in Air-Gapped Volumes

Set up isolated & detachable air-gap volumes in Azure to store your backups, snapshots, & replicas. Air-gapped storage is available as:

  • Air-gapped repositories: one controller with access to two target storage; one storage network-facing and the other offline by default.
  • Air-gapped controllers: two controllers with respective target storage; one controller is networking-facing while the other is offline by default.

Air-gapped volumes can be “attached” or “detached” automatically or manually as needed.

Seamless collaboration for remote branches & employees working from home

  • Easily connect to your shared file storage volumes from anywhere, anytime.
  • Scale storage volumes with a few clicks to make room for more data whenever needed.
  • Build a single collaborative workspace for your Windows, Linux, & Mac users

Build a hybrid centralized or dispersed data sharing & collaboration setup

Together with Azure, StoneFly offers you different levels of collaboration and deployment options. With our hybrid cloud storage solution, you can:

  • Set up centralized file storage in Azure for all remote branches and employees without additional on-premises hardware
  • Set up a hybrid dispersed environment, using on-premises 1U nodes on all remote branches, with cloud connect to multiple Azure regions and local SSD caching for hot tier volumes – faster data read-writes and high-speed data access and sharing.

Run your databases in Azure with ease

With the StoneFly iSCSI cloud storage, you can set up high performance SAN volumes, in your preferred Azure region and data center, to run block-mode workloads such as:

  • Relational databases like MySQL, Oracle, etc.
  • CRM software like SAP HANA, Salesforce, Pipedrive, etc.
  • EHR applications like Epic, eClinicalWorks, etc.
  • Other applications like accounting software, inventory management systems, data analytics, etc.

Built-in key features

  • Advanced data security with delta-based snapshots & encryption.
  • High availability with synchronous and/or asynchronous replication.
  • Effective data footprint reduction with deduplication.
  • Click-to-scale petabyte-level storage – start small and scale out to petabytes easily.