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Striim for Data Integration to Azure Storage

Striim, Inc.
Integrate real-time data to Azure Storage from a wide variety of data sources, non-intrusively

Striim (pronounced "stream") is an end-to-end streaming data integration and analytics platform, enabling continuous ingestion, processing, correlation and analytics of disparate data streams in real time.

Striim for Azure Storage simplifies the real-time collection and movement of data from a wide variety of on-premise sources, including enterprise databases via Change Data Capture (CDC), into Azure Storage.

The Striim solution enables Azure Blob Storage and Azure File Storage customers to quickly build streaming data pipelines with up-to-the-second data and full context. These pipelines can then support any application or Big Data analytics solution, including Azure HDInsight, that uses Azure Storage. Striim's wizard-based design interface speeds deployment and time-to-value for your Azure solutions.