DBcloudbin for SQL Server and Oracle


DBcloudbin for SQL Server and Oracle


Application transparent database content migration to Azure BLOB storage

What is DBcloudbin, the database 'fat-burning' solution?

DBcloudbin is a solution for transparent archiving of database 'blob' data (images, pdfs, documents, videos) into low-cost, flexible and effective Cloud-based (or on-premises) object stores. This edition is designed to move content from an Oracle or SQL Server DB (hosted in Azure or not) to your own Azure BLOB storage. With DBcloudbin we drastically reduce DB size, simplifying backup, increasing performance and reducing infrastructure costs


  • Full application transparency. Your application remains unchanged; no APIs integration.
  • Data 100% online. Your app keeps accessing all the data (archived or not) with the same SQL.
  • Simple, automated implementation. Datamodel is analyzed and proposed candidate tables to content archival.
  • Flexible, user defined business rules. Data is moved on user defined business rules through scheduled jobs.
  • Intrinsic data protection. Data is never updated, a new object version is created. A delete in database is 'soft-deleted'
  • How it works:

  • The setup creates a 'transparency layer' at your database based on a datamodel automated analysis
  • Through the command line interface (CLI), you can run interactively or schedule data movement jobs
  • DBcloudbin will move that content out of the DB, cipher it and store it safely at the Azure BLOB storage
  • DBcloudbin for Azure Marketplace key features:

  • 1-Click deployment.
  • Setup is even easier, with a preconfigured, ready to use virtual appliance.

  • Direct Azure subscription contract.
  • No additional 3rd party contracts, just use your existing Azure subscription to buy the solution.

  • One month free trial.
  • Full-blown solution free trial. After the trial period, simple pay-as-you-go subscription, monthly based with no long-term commitments.

    Each deployed instance grants a license of up to 1TB of net DB content moved to Azure. Deploy several instances in order to grant additional capacity and provide high-availability.

    DBcloudbin is the most efficient solution for achieving key data management benefits in bigdata era.