Power Portal: Instantly Share Power BI Dashboards

Tecknoworks Europe SRL

Power Portal: Instantly Share Power BI Dashboards

Tecknoworks Europe SRL

Share with internal and external users, via browser or mobile app.

Your business-changing insights, now instantly shareable

Provide reports to external clients, give stakeholders crucial information, and collaborate internally. Easily manage users through granular permission levels for workspaces, roles, and report access. PowerPortal requires no technical expertise, and data is securely stored in the geolocation of your choice.

Accessible at the office and on-the-go

Senders and recipients can easily view reports in desktop or mobile app via secure one-click login. View report-level analytics, monitor usage, and share real-time data insights.

Collaboration, simplified

Team members can collaborate on reports directly in the browser, or download and edit in Power BI desktop. Version control allows you to switch back to previous versions anytime. No more juggling multiple files.

Customize to your brand

Match the portal’s look and feel to your organization’s identity, from colors to font to graphics and more.

Full Features List:

  • Quick and easy Power BI report sharing with internal employees and external users via web browser and mobile app
  • Multiple identity provider integration - Office 365, Google, LinkedIn, Facebook
  • Easy report management via web portal
  • No DevOps, IT admin or license management hassle
  • No provisioning work
  • Highly secure environment
  • Granular, hierarchical access to report or workspace level
  • Easily manage users, their roles, and access to reports
  • Mobile app available for Android and Apple devices via Google Play and Apple Store
  • Associate supporting files to Power BI reports (invoices, Excel files, images, memos, etc.) that can be viewed and downloaded by users
  • Report-level usage analytics
  • Upload and work collaboratively on Power BI reports; edit reports directly in browser or download PBIX file and edit in Power BI desktop
  • PBIX file version control – switch back anytime to a previous version
  • Select the geolocation of the data center where your PBI files are stored securely
  • Customize the look and feel of the portal to match your brand identity
  • Shared or dedicated web portal instances available
  • Multilanguage User Interface

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