Teradata Server Management (DIY)


Teradata Server Management (DIY)


Monitors Teradata systems and generates alerts related to errors and operational state changes.

Teradata Server Management monitors Teradata Vantage instances and generates alerts related to database and OS errors and operational state changes.

With Teradata Server Management, events that affect the operation of the system generate alerts to the Teradata Customer Services organization.

By using this and other related Teradata VMs, you will be tapping into the core tools needed for the foundation of your analytic success.

Important Information

This release introduces the new Server Management software (PSIM), that serves as a functional equivalent to a CMIC but is designed specifically for running in the managed cloud environment on a public cloud provider.

In contrast to the legacy CMIC, the PSIM software is deployed as RPM packages on a standard hardened SLES OS base image. This allows for easier installation and management.

To ensure a cohesive and compatible software environment, a bundle of RPM packages that work together is installed as an update bundle.

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