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Theum AG

Empower users with instant, ready-to-use knowledge from documents in SharePoint Online and Teams

Theum is AI-enhanced technology that uses the power of Azure to “atomize” and transform document libraries into attractive, feature-rich portals that make knowledge instantly accessible without having to waste time searching for and through documents. Its one-of-a-kind, AI-enhanced Thematic Query delivers exactly the bits and pieces of knowledge users need for any task with a click—extracted from every relevant document, organized intuitively by context, and dynamically composed into a ready-to-use "answer." It enables any workforce to "skip the search"—so even new users can get right to work with greater speed, accuracy, and expertise.


Line-of-business managers, knowledge managers, and CIOs from businesses around the world like Siemens, Suez, Bertelsmann, Flender, Wacker, DWA, and the City of Hamburg have embraced Theum's revolutionary way of delivering knowledge to reduce costs, enhance service levels, and improve their competitive edge.

Join the growing community of companies using Theum to deliver know-how and you'll enjoy these benefits too:

  • Immediately accelerate every business process that requires access to the knowledge in documents
  • Serve customers faster and with greater accuracy, quality, and expertise
  • Proactively avoid expensive errors due to overlooked knowledge
  • Free authoring teams from time-consuming document conversion and posting processes
  • Improve business agility by creating easy-to-use, snap-together knowledge pools


  • Fine-grained knowledge navigator with context-sensitive guidance helps users retrieve the exact knowledge they need quickly
  • Customizable toolbar enables easy to integrate knowledge-related functions
  • "Incorrect knowledge" reports provide a concrete way to improve knowledge quality and accuracy via user feedback
  • Automated change synchronization keeps everything up-to-date
  • Plug-and-play connectors for SharePoint Online and other technologies make it easy to bring knowledge online without integration

There's no reason to continue forcing users to search, launch, and scroll through documents while other businesses are already improving efficiency and agility through direct access to knowledge. Theum for Azure makes it easy to introduce the innovation you need to move things forward without having to change the way you do things, run a project, or take unnecessary risks.

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Founded in 1994 as a global expert in automated knowledge management and delivery systems, Theum AG now uses its deep process expertise to develop Theum, standardized software that provides intelligent, next-generation access to corporate knowledge such as guidelines, standards, procedures, manuals, user guides, reports, project files, technical bulletins, studies, service information, r