Sensing+ for Agriculture by The Yield

The Yield Technology Solutions Pty. Ltd.

Sensing+ for Agriculture by The Yield

The Yield Technology Solutions Pty. Ltd.

Sensing+ by The Yield

End-to-end microclimate sensing, analytics and apps

Sensing+ is an integrated system of hardware and software that provides visibility over crop growing conditions, as they happen and 7 days ahead. Supported by The Yield’s world-class analytics platform, and built leveraging Microsoft AI, Sensing+ collects, analyses and transforms microclimate data, before returning actionable insights via phone and web apps.

A fully-installed and supported system, Sensing+ has been designed to keep growers one step ahead of conditions that impact their crops. No more chasing information or on the spot calculations, just the tools growers need to make the right calls, at the right time.

Know your microclimate

When it comes to growing irrigated crops, microclimate conditions matter. Sensing+ provides an accurate view of these ground-level conditions across three important date ranges: current, 7 days ahead and as far back as the system has collected on-farm data. This helps growers:

•Make operational decisions based on reliable, accurate data and predictions

•Plan activities, labour and logistics

•Optimise the use of farm inputs and water

•Mitigate weather and disease risk by providing advance warning of conditions

•Review past conditions to aid future planning

Apps that make complexity disappear

We spent two years collaborating with growers before building our user interfaces - a mobile app for on the go and a web portal for desk work. Both interfaces are intuitive, easy to use and allow users to quickly visualise complex data sets.

Always recording, always learning

Sensing+ records data 24/7/365. Importantly, our data science models use this consistent stream to continuously learn and improve, so your predictions get more accurate over time. The models also predict at sensor level, making them as hyper local as scientifically possible.

Enterprise-grade data security

On-farm data is housed in the Microsoft cloud, which sets the global standard for enterprise security. It is also encrypted from the moment it is collected. We maintain global best practice data management standards that protect our customers.

"It’s easy to use and has the grower in mind. I can look at rainfall, wind speed, temperature, soil moisture, forecast evapotranspiration. It’s almost like having anything you need for farming in your pocket, 24 hours a day.” Brett Squibb, irrigated perennial grower.

About The Yield

The Yield is an Australian agtech company on a mission to transform food and farming with digital technology. We work closely with growers to design our products because we are committed to solving real challenges - at farm level and across the food chain.